Post Assessment

When the Minister for Environment gives environmental approval to a proposal, a Ministerial Approval Statement is issued under s45(5) of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act). This sets out the conditions and procedures that the proponent must adhere to during the project implementation.

Following approval, requests for changes to proposals are often received. When these changes are minor, they can be considered under s45C of the EP Act.

Compliance monitoring

The OEPA monitors compliance with the Ministerial Approval Statements issued under the EP Act.

This is done in a coordinated and planned approach through audits. Where non-compliances are identified, appropriate enforcement action is taken to regain compliance. All non-compliances are reported to the Minister for Environment on a quarterly basis.

The OEPA also maintains an active presence during the implementation of significant projects to ensure optimum outcomes for the environment and the community.