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Where the EPA decides not to assess a referred proposal, it may still give advice and make recommendations on the environmental aspects of the proposal to the proponent or any other relevant person or authority. This advice is not legally binding.

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CMS14120Sand Quarries within Gnangara Pine PlantationCMS14120-Sand-Quarries-Within-Gnangara-Pine-PlantationHanson Australia Pty Ltd5/12/2016
CMS16014Wild Sandalwood Harvesting on Crown lands (2016 - 2026)CMS16014-Wild-Sandalwood-Harvesting-on-Crown-landsForest Products Commission of Western Australia8/08/2016
CMS15331Karnup Sand Mining ProjectCMS15331-Karnup-Sand-Mining-Project-040716Urban Resources Pty Ltd4/07/2016
CMS15182Maintenance Dredging of Garden Island WharvesCMS15182-Maintenance-Dredging-of-Garden-Island-WharvesDepartment of Defence20/06/2016
CMS15304Extractive Industry Clay Lot 7 Toy Road BindoonCMS15304-Extractive-Industry-Clay-Lot-7-Toy-Road-Bindoon-260416Brikmakers26/04/2016
CMS15265Concrete Batching PlantCMS15262-Concrete-Batching-Plant-210316WA Limestone21/03/2016
CMS15306Jandubup Sand Mining OperationsCMS15306-Jandabup-Sand-Mining-Operation-150216Holcim Australia15/02/2016
CMS15074Iron Bridge Port FacilityCMS15074-Iron-Bridge-Port-Facility-250116IB Operations Pty Ltd25/01/2016
CMS15253Air Core Drilling ProgrammeCMS15253-AirCoreDrillingProgramme-161115Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd16/11/2015
CMS14105Remediation of Landfill Site - Waste Resource Recovery Lot 20 Adelaide Street, HazelmereCMS14105-RemediationofLandfillSiteHazelmere-09112Wasterock Pty Ltd9/11/2015
CMS15165Florida North Residential DevelopmentCMS15165-FloridaNorthResidentialDevelopment-s38-270715Florida Partnership27/07/2015
CMS15059Alterations and Additions to Existing Poultry FarmCMS15059 - Existing Poultry Farm - s38 - 15 June 2015Snowdale Holdings15/06/2015
CMS14346Pivot Hill Mining Proposal 29311 (Revised) to RecommenceCMS14346-Pivot Hill-s39A-25052015JAB Industries25/05/2015
CMS14180Dardanup Residue Disposal FacilityCMS14180-Cristal-s39A-180515Cristal Pigment Australia18/05/2015
CMS14284KCGM Hidden Secret ProjectCMS14284-KCGM-s39A-300315KCGM30/03/2015
CMS15030Dirk Hartog Island Short Stay UnitsCMS15030-Dirk Hartog-s38-3003155Hypermarket Pty Ltd30/03/2015
CMS14037Hard Rock QuarryCMS 14037-HardRockQuarry-s39A-230315B & J Catalano23/03/2015
CMS14096Limestone and Sand ExcavationCMS14096-DoylesLime-s39A-160315Doyles Lime Services Pty Ltd16/03/2015
CMS 14434Proposed Regional Waste Disposal FacilityCMS14434-Regional-WDF-s39A-160315Wagin Voluntary Group of Councils, and Mr PJ Dowdell and Mrs HM Dowdell16/03/2015
CMS14397--Torosa Subsea Development ProposalCMS14397-TorosaSubsea-s39A-160215Woodside Energy16/02/2015
CMS14353--West Erregulla 2 Exploration WellCMS14353-WestErugulla-200115Warrego Energy Pty Ltd20/01/2015
CMS14337--Construction of Revetment Wall at Point Busaco BunburyCMS14337-Bunbury-291214SPA Port of Bunbury29/12/2014
CMS14323--Installation of Pipeline - Eaton Monash Pump Station to Bunbury WWTPCMS14323-BunburyPipeline-s39A-081214Water Corporation8/12/2014
14-830221--Clearing of 1.31 hectares of native vegetation for the purpose of road construction14-830221-ShireMurray_s38advice_271014Shire of Murray27/10/2014
14-936593Agriculture Intensive (Turf Production)14-936593-NeergabbyTurf-s39 advice201014Saratoga Holdings Pty Ltd20/10/2014
A312804--Albany Port Maintenance DredgingA312804-Albany Port Dredging_s38Albany Port Authority8/09/2014
14-819067--Fibre Optic Submarine Cable between Port Hedland and Darwin (Project Fitzroy)14-819067-s38Fibre Optic_250814Skiron OPCO Pty Limited25/08/2014
14-848947--Nova Nickel Project14-848947- Nova Nickel_180814Sirius Gold Pty Ltd18/08/2014
14-835359--Mitchell Freeway Extension Stage 1 - (Burns Beach Road to Hester Avenue) Neerabup Road East and West and associated works14-835359-Mitchell Fway_180814Main Roads Western Australia18/08/2014
14-771355--Sand and Limestone Extraction M70/1319 and M70/132014-771355-Myalup_180814PMR Quarries Pty Ltd t/a WA Limestone18/08/2014
14-757216--Onslow Water Infrastructure Upgrade Project14-757216_s38advice-onslow-210714Water Corporation21/07/2014
14-780092--Wonnerup North Mineral Sands Project14-780092-advice Wonnerup SandsCristal Australia Pty Ltd3/06/2014
13-283104Beadon Creek Capital Dredging and Construction of Land-Backed Wharf13-283104-Beadon Creek adviceDepartment of Transport28/04/2014
14-735259Claremont North East Precincts39Apublic advice_TownOfClarement14-735259LandCorp14/04/2014
14-522310Shark Drum Line Deployment, Management and Associated ServicesShark Drum Line Deployment - Public Advice under s 39A 120314Director General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet on behalf of the State of Western Australia12/03/2014
14-512340--Marda Gold ProjectMarda Gold s39A public adviceSouthern Cross Goldfields Limited11/03/2014
13-350766Various Commercial Purposes Developments - Lot 616, Lot 1221 and Port Drive road reserves39-BPA-13-350766Broome Port Authority20/01/2014
13-434689Cockburn Central West Wetland Concept Plan impacting on Environmental Protection (Swan Coastal Plain Lakes) Policy 1992s39-Cockburn Central advice-13-434689LandCorp20/01/2014
13-338916Sand Mining, Neaves Road, Mariginiups39-Eclipse-13-338916Eclipse Resources Pty Ltd20/01/2014
13-404315 --Laurel Formation Tight Gas Pilot Exploration Programs38 Laurel_13-404315Buru Energy Limited13/01/2014
A595924--Sand Quarry, E70/3294, 5 km east of Myalup, Shire of Harveys38 public advice A595924Rocla Pty Limited9/12/2013
13-349088Baldivis Sand Quarry Stage 1 Expansions38 public advice 13-349088Holeim (Australia) Pty Ltd9/12/2013
13-309259Aquaculture of Greenlip Abalone, Flinders Bay, Shire of Augusta-Margaret Rivers38 public advice 25 Nov 13_0Ocean Grown Abalone Pty Ltd25/11/2013
13-312093Swan River Pedestrian Bridge Linking the East Perth Foreshore to the Burswood PeninsulaSwan River Pedestrian BridgePublic Transport Authority of Western Australia18/11/2013
13-320316Drover - 01 Exploration WellDrover-01 Exploration WellAWE Limited18/11/2013
13-230921Class II Landfill, Lot 11 Chitty Road, Toodyays38 Lot 11 Chitty Road, ToodyayOpal Vale Pty Ltd7/10/2013
13-201882Ashburton River Sand and Shingle Excavation within Mining Leases 08/458 and 08/461ashburton river sand public advice_0Onslow Resources Ltd2/09/2013
13-245608Henderson Facility Land-Backed Wharf and Dredginghenderson facility public advice_0BAE Systems Australia Ltd2/09/2013
13-278948Perth Groundwater Replenishment Schemeperth groundwater public advice_0Water Corporation2/09/2013
A579953--Poultry farm Lot 7974 Cowalla Road, Wanerie, GinginA579953AAA Egg Company Pty Ltd5/08/2013
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