Guides for proponents

The EPA has prepared various policies, guidelines and bulletins and other documents to provide prospective proponents, consultants and the public with the EPA's expectations during the EIA process and current views on matters of environmental importance. Below are specific guides to help proponents in the preparation of Environmental Scoping Documents (ESDs) and environmental review documents.

Where proponents expect a level of assessment of Public Environmental Review (PER) to be set by the EPA, they are encouraged to prepare and submit an ESD as part of their proposal referral to the EPA. Where the EPA has set the level of assessment of PER, the proponent may be required to prepare an ESD if one has not been submitted as part of the referral.

Download Environmental Assessment Guideline 10: Scoping a proposal (PDF 1.12 Mb)

The EPA determines the environmental factors and objectives that it considers relevant to any proposal assessment. It is important to seek early agreement with the EPA on those factors and objectives that a proponent intends to apply in the environmental documentation. The ESD is the appropriate place to do so for PERs.

Download Environmental Assessment Guideline 8: Environmental factors and objectives (PDF 491.64 Kb)

The EPA applies a Significance Framework to make decisions through the environmental impact assessment process, based on the concept of significance established under the Environmental Protection Act 1986. The likely significance of impacts in relation to meeting the EPA's environmental objectives for each key environmental factor will be the focus of the EIA process.

Download Environmental Assessment Guideline 9: Application of a significance framework in the EIA process (PDF 1.19 Mb)

The generic guidelines below are provided to help in the preparation of the proponent's environmental review document. The environmental review document should contain project specific information related to the proposal, environmental principles and factors, impacts, management, consultation and results of investigations.

Download the Guidelines for preparing an environmental review document (PDF 147 Kb)

The EPA has prepared a checklist as a basis for proponents to conduct initial in-house quality screening of documents they intend to submit as part of the environmental impact assessment process. Completed proponent-certified checklists must be lodged with EIA documentation submitted to the EPA. The checklist currently covers general quality standards for documents, and key marine environmental and terrestrial biodiversity issues. The checklist may be up-dated by the EPA from time to time.

Download the Checklist for documents submitted for EIA on marine and terrestrial biodiversity (PDF 41 Kb)