EPA Instructions and proponent documents

When planning schemes or their amendments are being formally assessed, the EPA prepares ‘instructions’ describing the information that must be included in the environmental review documentation.

EPA Instructions for Statutory Planning Schemes and Amendments - A list of current and archived instructions can be viewed here.

For development proposals that are being formally assessed, either the proponent or the EPA prepares an Environmental Scoping Document (ESD) which describes the surveys and studies that the proponent will undertake to inform preparation of the environmental review document.

EPA and proponent-prepared ESDs for Development Proposals – A list of current and archived ESDs can be viewed here.

Proponents are also required to prepare an environmental review document during the formal environmental impact assessment process. These include documents for the Public Environmental Review(PER) process, the Assessment on Proponent Information (API) process, as well as statutory planning schemes and their amendments assessment process.

Proponents' Environmental Review Documents – A list of current and archived review documents can be viewed here.

The PER process includes the opportunity for the public to make submissions. Further information on making a submission is available at: Public comment > How to make a submission.