Western Turner Syncline Iron Ore Project – Revised Proposal

Summary: The proponent, Hamersley Iron Pty Limited, proposes a change to the approved Western Turner Syncline Iron Ore Project which is located approximately 20 km west of Tom Price. 

The Western Turner Syncline Project consists of the following two approved proposals:

1. Western Turner Syncline, Section 10 Iron Ore Project (Ministerial Statement 807, 17 September 2009) for an above water table open-cut mine and link to the existing Tom Price Mine operation with an infrastructure corridor; and

2. Western Turner Syncline Stage 2 – B1 and Section 17 Deposits (Ministerial Statement 946, 22 August 2013) for an above and below water table open-cut mine and associated infrastructure.

This report provides the advice and recommendations of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to the Minister for Environment on the outcomes of its environmental impact assessment of the proposed change by Hamersley Iron Pty Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Rio Tinto Iron Ore) to the Western Turner Syncline Iron Ore Project.

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Release Date: 11 April 2016

Hamersley Iron's Environmental Review document (pdf 2.74 Mb)

Index to the Appendices of the ERD (pdf 76.2 kb)

ERD: Appendices 1 - 8 (pdf 37.7 Mb)

ERD: Appendices 9 - 17 (pdf 19.1 Mb)

Proponent: Hamersley Iron Pty Limited
Status: Final
Report Number: 1565
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