Mt Gibson Range Mine Operations, Iron Hill Deposits


This report provides the advice and recommendations of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to the Minister for Environment on outcomes of the EPA’s environmental impact assessment of the proposal by Mount Gibson Mining Limited to mine hematite ore from the Iron Hill and Iron Hill South Deposits (together referred to as the Iron Hill Deposits), located on the Mt Gibson Range. The Mt Gibson Range is comprised of a series of Banded Iron Formation (BIF) ridges, which include Iron Hill and Iron Hill South.

Response to Submissions - Part 1 (PDF 7.99 MB)
Response to Submissions - Part 2 (PDF 8.01 MB)
Response to Submissions - Part 3 (PDF 7.95 MB)
Response to Submissions - Part 4 (PDF 4.42 MB)

Darwinia masonii and Lepidosperma gibsonii Conservation Genetics Review (PDF 1.84 MB)
Flora and Vegetation Assessment Based on Regional and Local Floristic Analysis (PDF 3.99 MB)
Level 2 Flora and Vegetation Survey (PDF 8.97 MB)
Mason’s Darwinia (Darwinia masonii) IUCN Criteria (PDF 7.19 MB)
Monitoring Darwinia Using the Plant Efficiency Analyser (PDF 1.06 MB)
Survivorship and Health of Darwinia masonii (PDF 1.35 MB)
Troglofauna Assessment (PDF 4.04 MB)
Application for a permit to take Declared Rare Flora (DRF): Darwinia masonii (PDF 1.16 MB)
Letter from Mt Gibson Mining to DPaW re Darwinia masonni status (PDF 2.94 MB)
D.masonii Translocation Proposal and DPaW Approval (PDF 10.9 MB)
Dr Grant Wardell-Johnson letter (PDF 16kb)
Survival of D.masonii cuttings - EnPeritus letter (PDF 161 kb)

Release Date: 18 July 2016
Proponent: Mount Gibson Mining Limited
Status: Final
Report Number: 1570
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