Iron Valley Below Water Table Project


BC Pilbara Iron Ore Pty Ltd (Proponent) proposes changes to the Approved Project located approximately 90 km north-west of Newman, in the Pilbara region.

The Approved Project (authorised by Ministerial Statement 933, 1 February 2013) is an above the water table open cut mine and associated infrastructure, located on mining tenement M470/1439.

This report provides the advice and recommendations of the Environmental Protection Authority to the Minister for Environment on the outcomes of its environmental impact assessment of the proposed change by BC Pilbara Iron Ore Pty Ltd to the Iron Valley Above Water Table Project (Approved Project).

View the Environmental Review Document (PDF 81 MB)

Appendices to the Environmental Review Document

Appendix A - Compliance with MS933 (PDF 73 KB)

Appendix B - Water Studies (Part 1) (PDF 14 MB)

Appendix B - Water Studies (Part 2) (PDF 18 MB)

Appendix B - Water Studies (Part 3) (PDF 11 MB)

Appendix C - Flora and Vegetation Studies (PDF 14 MB)

Appendix D - Fauna Studies (PDF 14 MB)

Appendix E - Heritage (PDF 668 KB)

Appendix F - Mine Closure (PDF 140 KB)

Appendix G - Geochemistry (PDF 2 MB)

Appendix H - Policy and Guidance (PDF 168 KB)

Release Date: 17 October 2016
Proponent: BC Pilbara Iron Ore Pty Ltd
Status: Final
Report Number: 1585
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