Orebody 31 Iron Ore Mine Project


This report provides the advice and recommendations of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to the Minister for Environment on the outcomes of its environmental impact assessment of the proposal by BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Ltd to develop and operate the Orebody 31 Iron Ore Project.

BHP Billiton Iron Ore proposes to mine a new iron ore deposit at Orebody 31 located approximately 40 km east of Newman in the Pilbara Region of Western Australia. The proposal will utilise the existing approved Orebody 18 Hub Mine ore handling facilities, including primary crusher, stockpiles and train load out facilities, located immediately west of Orebody 31. Production from Orebody 31 will replace that from Orebody 18 mine, which is intended to be decommissioned in 2018. The Orebody 31 mine will produce approximately 30 million tonnes per annum of iron ore.

The deposit is estimated to be 70 per cent below the water table and therefore the proposal will require mine dewatering of up to 16.2 GL/a to facilitate dry mining conditions. Surplus mine dewater management may include reuse onsite or transfer to other mining operations, discharge to Ophthalmia Dam and surrounding infiltration ponds, and surface discharge to local creek lines.

The proposed total clearing for the proposal is up to 2,500 ha of native vegetation in ‘good to excellent’ condition within a development envelope of 4,075 ha.

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Release Date: 7 September 2015

Appendix A - Letter of Authority (pdf 113 kb) 

Appendix B - OB31 Flora and Vegetation EIA (pdf 9.57 Mb)

Appendix C - OB31 Landscape and Visual EIA (pdf 8.72 Mb)

Appendix D - OB31 Subterranean Fauna EIA (pdf 3.48 Mb)

Appendix E - OB31 AMD Risk Assessment (pdf 1.24 Mb)

Appendix F - OB31 Vertebrate Fauna EIA (pdf 8 Mb)

Appendix G - OB31 Short range endemic EIA (pdf 11 Mb)

Appendix H - OB31 Surface Water EIA (pdf 4.42 Mb)

Appendix I - OB31 Hydrogeological IA (pdf 17 Mb)

Appendix J - OB31 Air Quality and GHG EIA (pdf 13.5 Mb)

Appendix K - OB31 Noise EIA (pdf 4.05 Mb)

Appendix L - Biodiversity Regional Management Plan (pdf 1.78 Mb)

Appendix M - Eastern Pilbara Surplus Water Management Plan (pdf 1.25 Mb)

Appendix N - Eastern Pilbara Water Resource Management Plan (pdf 692 kb)

Appendix O - Offsets Template Form (pdf 239 kb)

Appendix P - OB31 Mine Closure Plan (pdf 5.65 Mb)

Cover Letter to EPA (pdf 261 kb)

EPA Referral Form (pdf 740 kb)

Proponent: BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty Ltd
Status: Final
Report Number: 1559
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