Spatial data

Spatial data is the modern means of digitally mapping features on the earth. Spatial data is used in geographic information systems (GIS) which merge cartography, statistical analysis and database techniques.

The EPA uses spatial data representing significant natural features and infrastructure, as well as legal and administrative boundaries, to analyse and assess proposals or issues.

The EPA also produces and provides spatial data representing its work. Often the basis of the maps within EPA documents, this spatial data accurately communicates legal, administrative or scientific boundaries.

Copies of key spatial data provided by the EPA are available for free download below. Each package is a compressed set of files in a ‘zip’ file containing the boundaries in a variety of formats:

  • Shapefile for use in GIS software
  • DWG for use in CAD software
  • KML for use in Google Earth.

To use, please download the package you want and uncompress using your operating system or software such as WinZip or 7Zip. These files can then be loaded into the GIS, Cad or Google Earth software of your choice.

Contact the OEPA's GIS team with any enquiries.

 Spatial data packages

Clearing of Natural Areas.zipClearing of Natural Areas
Protecting native vegetation
Cockburn Sound.zipCockburn Sound
Protecting water quality and ecology through industrial management
State Environmental Policy31/12/2005
Supporting the EPA's s16e advice: Report 1484 Environmental and water assessments relating to mining and mining-related activities in the Fortescue Marsh management area.
Section 16e advice to the Minister6/08/2013
Goldfields Sulphur Dioxide.zipGoldfields Sulphur Dioxide
Protecting air quality by reducing the levels of sulphur dioxide in the ambient air
Environmental Protection Policy31/12/2003
Kwinana Atmospheric Waste.zipKwinana Atmospheric Waste
Protecting air quality by setting ambient quality limits
Environmental Protection Policy31/12/1999
Lake Clifton Catchment.zipLake Clifton Catchment
Protecting ecology, thromobolites, wetlands and water quality
Local Assessment Unit for the inner Port Hedland port area.zipLocal Assessment Unit for the inner Port Hedland port area
Local Assessment Unit and guidance for its application to assessments of BPPH loss at Port Hedland
Environmental Protection Bulletin31/08/2011
Native Vegetation in Agricultural Zone.zipNative Vegetation in Agricultural Zone
Protecting native vegetation
Position Statement31/12/2000
Peel Harvey Inlet.zipPeel Harvey Inlet
Protecting inland waters through water quality objectives
Environmental Protection Policy31/12/1992
Peel Regionally Significant Natural Areas.zipPeel Regionally Significant Natural Areas
Environmental Protection Bulletin13/12/2010
Tropical Arid Zone Mangrove.zipTropical Arid Zone Mangrove
Protecting mangroves
Vegetation complexes remnants and statistics.zipVegetation complexes remnants and statistics
Supporting the EPA's interim strategic advice on the Perth and Peel regions
Section 16e advice to the Minister6/08/2015
Western Swamp Tortoise.zipWestern Swamp Tortoise
Protecting the habitat of the Western Swamp Tortoise
Environmental Protection Policy31/12/2003