Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment process

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is the primary source of independent environmental advice to government on significant development proposals.

In February 2008, recognising new and complex challenges in providing this advice, the EPA began a review of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and its underpinning significant development proposals.

The EPA completed its review of the EIA process in March 2009. The review examined the quality and timeliness of the process and concluded that there are very clear opportunities to deliver better environmental protection and to improve the efficiency and transparency of the EIA process.

EIA review implementation

The Government adopted the recommendations of the review and the EPA has been implementing the reforms. The reform program includes 47 review recommendations and aims to improve the timeliness and effectiveness of the EPA’s functions through:

  • introducing outcome based conditions where appropriate;
  • use of risk based assessment where applicable;
  • improved project tracking in the Office of the EPA;
  • greater rigour and consistency in the scoping phase;
  • a greater focus on timelines;
  • providing more guidance to proponents to improve certainty, clarity and consistency; and
  • creating the new Office of the EPA (OEPA) to better support the work of the EPA.

Collectively, these reforms are designed to achieve a thorough, clear, consistent and timely environmental impact assessment process that meets the expectations of the community.

Minutes and notes
Status: Final
Release Date: 12 May 2011
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Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment Process in Western Australia
Summary: Western Australia's environmental impact assessment EIA process is a critical component of the Government's wider development approvals process.
Status: Final
Release Date: 30 March 2009
Appeals close
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