Strategic Plan 2016-2019


The primary purpose of the EPA is to protect the environment for present and future generations through the provision of sound, robust and transparent advice to the Minister for Environment. We do this by assessing proposals and schemes that are referred to us, and providing public advice on those that may have a significant impact on the environment. We also provide public advice on broader environmental issues through our advice reports to the Minister and our annual reports.

While the Minister for Environment is the primary recipient of our advice, the beneficiary is the Western Australian society as a whole.

The EPA’s role is becoming increasingly complex given the scale and nature of developments that it considers. The EPA does not have decision making powers to protect the environment. We can only achieve our goal through the advice that we provide.

Therefore, to achieve our purpose, the EPA must maintain the confidence of the Minister, Government, proponents and the community in the way it operates and the quality of the advice it provides. We have developed this strategic plan with this fundamental requirement at its core.

Release Date: 1 July 2016
Status: Final
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