The EPA undertakes a range of consultative processes relating to proposals being assessed.

All opportunities for public comment and submissions are published on the EPA's consultation hub at You can subscribe to be notified when new items are published by signing up to the mailing list or through RSS feeds (see the description of RSS in the footer of this webpage). 

Release Date: 9 September 2013

Consultation and opportunities for comment regularly include:

  • seven day comment on new proposals referred to the EPA for assessment;
  • public review of proponent documentation for proposals subject to environmental impact assessment; and
  • feedback on draft policy and guidance.

The EPA's consultative processes also includes:

  • participation at public meetings held by proponents to give advice on the EIA process and to respond to questions;
  • conducting EPA-initiated public meetings where there is a degree of public concern, usually after the close of the formal public review period, to provide feedback on the key environmental issues raised and to consider any other significant environmental issues the community requests the EPA to consider in its assessment of the proposal. These meetings also provide an opportunity for the EPA to inform the community of the role of the EPA and likely timing of the EPA’s advice to the Minister for Environment on a proposal and appeal rights available;
  • participation at stakeholder meetings; and
  • receiving briefings from stakeholder groups at meetings of the EPA on issues of importance.

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